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Quick development with a low-code
Less expenditure for development team compared to full-stack
Accelerated software development compared to traditional methods
Businesses need to simplify and rearrange the processes to quickly react to changes. This relates to development as well: you do not have time to write the code from scratch, implement and test the product - you need a solution here and now. In this case, low-code technology comes to help you.
The goal behind using a low-code concept is to reduce the scope of traditional manual codes and accelerate the development of business applications.
This concept allows to launch solutions within short timeframes and develop projects whenever required. This technology saves money at all project launch stages: from development to support.
Purpose of low-code approach
  • Heavy financial costs and considerable time expenditure at all stages of the development of new features - from preparation of the Statement of work to commisioning.
  • The deadlines and project costs may be significantly extended and increased due to changes occurring in the course of development - e.g. unobvious aspects which were not taken into account, etc.
  • Development using the low-code methodology – you are preparing the primary essential product requirements, and our team launches development with minimum coding. You get within a short period of time a solution where the basic logic and functionality are implemented.
  • This is followed by necessary additional work made in week sprints. At the input of sprint - clarification and new requiremnets, at the output - a product which obtains new features every week.
  • Reduction development costs and time by several times.
  • Safe and fast testing of hypotheses. You can promptly integrate new solutions and take balanced decisions regarding their scaling.
  • The sprint approach lets you understand which activities are carried out every week and you quickly adopt changes.
Relevance of low-code approach
A suitable analogy to render the essence of low-code technology is a space rocket-carrying aircraft.
The share of the spacecraft payload from the entire rocket carrier is 5-10%.
The classic software development has almost the same share of useful code. If a low code approach is used for development, work involves exactly the payload. The remaining infrastructure is involved at the stage and in case of scaling.
1st stage:
Infrastructures, server
2st stage:
DevOps, integration tests
3st stage:
Databases, backend
Relevant business logic and interface
Нагрузка инфраструктуры
Classic development vs low code benefits
All benefits of low code approach
Thanks to low costs and high speed of low code development, you can quickly define only successful IT initiatives and invest in their scaling.
Minimizing risks of investment in unnecessary technologies
The low code approach is universally applicable. This approach allows to verify various hypotheses within a short period of time and automate any processes.
Willingness to implement any changes rapidly
Reduction of costs for internal and external resources
Less time for preparation and development = lower project costs On average, implementation is four times cheaper and it takes 3.5 times less human resources.
Reduction of time from an idea to implementation
Development based on the low-code approach significantly speeds up the creation of corporate products, and time is one of the most valuable assets in the digital age.
What can be integrated using a low code approach?
Business processes automation systems
CRM systems to streamline the work processes
Trading platforms and venues, including B2B portals
Analytics and reporting in web services
Artificial Intelligence based
Mobile applications, including SFA systems
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Mobile app for voting
Objective: involvement of IT department employees in digitalization.

Solution: an easy-to-use application which can be used by IT employees to offer digital initiatives and vote for best of them.
A mobile app for merchandising
Objective: motivating employees to do merchandising when they are shopping.

Solution: an easy-to-use mobile app with gamification.
Examples of low-code cases
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