Ecosystem of digital
service for FMCG

Converting business to digital format
Opening up new growth prospects
We are developing solutions based on expertise and profound knowledge of FMCG market
Since 2012 we have been creating web services, mobile apps and high-load corporate systems. We have implemented more than 200 projects.
We have automated the processes of manufacturing corporations, online shops, distributors and service providers.
Each project has led to higher productivity, helped to reduce costs and create new opportunities to boost profitability of our clients' businesses.
Results achieved by our customers
Accelerated processing of sales data
Increasing the shelf share in chain retail business
Increasing the shelf share in traditional retail business
Improving the car fleet efficiency
Reducing equipment losses
Revenue growth in the first year after implementation
How do we help?
4 options for immersion into the project
Workshops with business
We develop and elaborate on hypotheses based on expertise and best market practices together with businesses

As a result, the backlog is filled with tasks and forecasts for expected
business benefits
Audit examination
We immerse into business processes and digital landscape of the customer. We find areas of improvement and growth points

As a result, we prepare a detailed analysis with a list of all bottle necks and recommendations on how to improve them

Product development
We adjust the product concept to meet the customer's needs. We build a team of experts with due regard to the project specifics
and implement development in Scrum

As a result, at the end of the process we
obtain a qualitative and optimal product
"Fire brigade"
In emergencies, we are able to reinforce the current development staff on projects
of any scale. We find and implement
optimal solutions

As a result, we guarantee successful and timely completion of any project
Our customers include
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and adapt the solution architecture
to your business needs
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