We are dititalizing your FMCG business by opening doors
to new development opportunities

Since 2012 we have been creating web services, mobile apps and high-load corporate systems. We have implemented more than 200 projects. We have automated the processes of manufacturing corporations, online shops, distributors and service providers.

Each project has led to higher productivity, helped to reduce costs and create new opportunities to boost profitability of our clients' businesses.
GROTEM competences for your business
Average productivity gain through implementation of our projects
Successfully completed projects
Experience in developing enterprise solutions
Customer Success
Solutions pay off in 3-12 months
We work in Scrum
We work with businesses of all sizes
We dive into the business world of our customers
We are geared not only to specific business tasks but also to the company's development strategy on the whole. As a result, we develop a scalable solution tailored to your business challenges.
Up to Fortune-500 companies. Since 2012, we have streamlined all the workflows inside our teams and the mistakes of newcomers have long become a thing of the past.
Productivity of your employees will increase by 10 or 20 percent. You will state with confidence that GROTEM helped you boost your sales by 22 percent.
So you are always precisely informed about what we do and what value will your company benefit from after each 2-week sprint. If some tasks remain no longer topical or your need to add new ones, you can solve every challenge within the same two weeks.
We are interested in demanding, out-of-the-box high-tech projects that provide unmatched market advantages to our customers.
When working with us, you do not just get a development team and a code. You get an expertise and a product which is of great value for the company, employees and clients.
Why customers trust us
Scrum /
CustDev /
Design thinking /
Lean startup /
Scrum /
Design thinking /
Scrum /
Lean startup /
Representative offices in various countries
Branches in Russian and worldwide
5 800
42 000
Regular customers
220 000
Succesful implementations
We immerse into the process of developing product requirements using JTBD and CustDev technologies
Product expertise
We develop solutions on the basis of our expertise, long-term experience and profound knowledge of FMCG market
Business expertise
We create databases, combine heterogeneous applications and systems into a single environment with an possibility of their processing
Creating databases
We create single platforms for planning, reporting, commercial operations and communications management
Web development
We create applications to ensure the efficient accomplishment of tasks in the field of sales, service and marketing
Mobile apps
GROTEM competences
Expert evaluation
200+ successful implementations
FMСG, retall, production, service
Certified top-class experts
Global experience
Past work experience in foreign companies
We develop turnkey solutions - from a hypthesis to support
60+ developers with a deep knowledge of the subject and hands-on experience
We are proud of our projects and love our customers
Strength of GROTEM
Are you looking for an efficient solution?
Our experts will be ready to help you!
We are eager to answer all your questions
and adapt the solution architecture
to your business needs
Phone: +7 (812) 320-65-66
E-mail: sale@grotem.com
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