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Accelerated processing of sales data
Revenue growth in one year after implementation of the portal
  • Increase in sales volume and profitability
Thanks to the possibility to connect not covered points of sale to the portal, targeted pricing
  • Increase in NPS level of points of sale
Thanks to the availability of 24/7 order service, targeted promos, order status tracking
  • Reduction of costs in the channel
Thanks to downsizing of sales staff
Key business prerequisites
Through consolidation of sales data on one single platform, you get the visual and reliable analytics required to make the right management decisions.
Automatic order processing helps reduce costs and accelerate processes. Receipt of applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allows you to increase the average purchase amount and the frequency and number of orders per day.
Building a transparent distribution chain
Automation of order processing operations
Formation of pricing strategies, including differentiated pricing
You can flexibly manage prices and assign specific pricing rules of any complexity for B2C and B2B, depending on the purchase history, geography and other parameters.
Integration with catalogs, price lists and databases
Integration with automatic loading ensures display of actual characteristics and SKU prices in the product catalog and quick update of stock balance. This makes it possible to significantly reduce manual labor and minimize human errors.
A direct communication channel is a tool to manage customer loyalty, deeply understand their motivation and preferences and improve the customer's experience.
Channel of interaction with end customers
What tasks can be completed
on B2B e-Com portal?
Portal on Virto Commerce basis
Implementation options for B2B platform
virto benefits
Benefits of Virto Commerce platforms
Flexibility and extensibility of Virto enables implementation of any complex scenarios: thousands of individual conditions, millions of SKUs, multicurrency support, local peculiarities, warehouses in different countries, various CRM, ERP, etc.
Implementation of complex B2B scenarios
Two previously mentioned principles secure high manoeuvrability of the platform and a short time to market. Virto's standard time to market is 3 months for deployment of the platform from scratch and subsequently every two weeks a new feature with a measurable business benefit is added.
High rate of development and scaling
Lack of rigid connections between modules
Any integration in Virto platform is performed "on" the system. Each functional unit is self-sustainable and is not tightly connected to other elements. The absence of a "web" enables quick integration of new functions into the system.
Flexibility thanks to the system modularity
All system elements are made in form of single modules. The user can add step by step new features, integrations, new regions, currencies, payment modules, and more. There is no risk of monolithic systems, you can safely add new features and cancel the outdated one.
High integratability
Virto maintains a shop offering off-the-shelf integrations with Marketo, SendGrid, Google Analytics, Nextopia, SurveyMonkey, Shopify, and other software. In total, there are more than 90 modules. The open API allows to connect almost any service without any restrictions.
Architecture on the basis of Virto Commerce
B2C shops
D2C loyalty portals
Electronic catalogs
Chat bots
Business logic
Customized module
Microservice architecture
Backup on own services
API based
Microsoft corporate technology stack
Open code
Code expansion without loss of updateability
B2B portals
System implementation in line with safety specifications
Customized architecture is designed in accordance with your company's security policy and ensures the necessary level of protection for all data transmission and storage mechanisms.
enterprise benefits
Benefits of Enterprise development
Guaranteed comprehensive security and minimization of risks that may lead to the use of an "imported" system.
Independence from import
You do not need to delve into the features and operating principles of existing systems, draw a comparison. You get an off-the-shelf solution that fits all your business requirements, scenarios and peculiarities.
Architecture that suits your business processes
Pay only for the features you need
You know exactly what you are paying for and you are not exposed to a risk of facing extra costs connected with platform ownership if it becomes more expensive in the future.
Lower ownership costs
Once you have implemented your own platform, you do not need to pay for its use. Training of own staff further reduces the costs for system support in the future.
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