We are dititalizing your FMCG business by opening doors
to new development opportunities

A dedicated project team comprises experts in project management, frontend and back-end developers, DevOps, testing and UX/UI design.
Less total costs as compared to in-house
We quickly bring the team on board and
guarantee high speed and results
A product owner (PO) or Chief Technical Officer (CTO) may be in a position to hire an outsourced dedicated team in cases where flexibility in goal setting and quick results are a must.

We offer integrated IT outsourcing services: ranging from efforts to enhance the team to turnkey project solutions. With our experience and expertise, we are able to quickly dive into any tasks and adapt the team and tech stack to your business needs.
Reinforcement of existing IT team
You need to reinforce the in-house team with new software and hardware experts
Parallel launch
You are planning to launch several projects at the same time, and you need a separate workgroup for every one of them
Project acceleration
You need to catch up the timeline within the existing project or shorten the deadline for product launch
Increase in efficiency
The current team is not as effective as anticipated due to the workload or lack of necessary competencies
In which cases can IT outsourcing be reasonable?
  • Time and cost saving
According to market analysis estimates, companies successfully using an outsourcing model are able to cut total their expenses by up to 25 percent. By involving an outsourced team of developers you free up resources for strategic planning and focus on crucial business tasks.
  • High speed of launch and project implementation
Within several days your get a well-orchestrated team which is ready to work
and boasts relevant experience. Given the special nature of their activities, external teams are prepared to quickly adapt to the project itself and possible changes during its implementation. Therefore, a reliable outsourced partner will guarantee a rapid involvement of external specialists in the current project.
  • Expertise and market experience
Tasks on the client's side can be manifold. The qualification of in-house experts may in some cases not be sufficient to implement some of them. The advantage of this approach, when you engage an outsourced company, is that these specialists have extensive experience, are flexible and able to build any project teams to meet various needs and project tasks of the customer.
What you will get when you engage a dedicated team
  • Transparency and control of development using SCRUM
By regular communications you know all the details of the development process, stay tuned and are well aware of what we are doing and what value your company will benefit from upon completion of each two-week sprint. A properly planned project workflow guarantees a complete control of development without the need to invest in a team and manage the project
- and this is another advantage of working with an outsourced partner.
The project manager quickly dives into the business objectives of the customers, sets goals and builds an efficient communication environment.
We bring on board the project manager
We develop a roadmap for the duration of 2-4 months.
We prioritize tasks and approve the plan for each 1-2 week iteration.
We generate a Roadmap for the development cycle
We build a team of experts having necessary skills and competencies, and experience for tech stack of the development project.
We allocate a team of developers
how it works
How it works
We conduct a kick-off meting - we introduce the team to the customer and set goals. From project start, we bring on board the technical and business experts.
Sprint Zero
We are engaged in development as part of Sprint iterations (we define objectives and goals for every sprint). Upon completion of every sprint, you obtain a specific, measurable value.
At the end of development we draw conclusions and proceed to the next cycle.
We work in SCRUM
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