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IOT and AI
We develop solutions
using technologies
of artificial intelligence
and the Internet of Things
Time saving spent
on routine operations
for FMCG
High-tech systems for planning, production, logistics, marketing and sales
Today, IoT technologies are increasingly used in the field of Retail and FMCG. The secret to the future of using this technology is simple - intelligent devices generate a large amount of data, the analysis of which allows you to effectively solve various business tasks.

Our team has expertise in creating complex systems using the Internet of Things, and practical experience shows that the implementation of such solutions brings a number of significant effects:
internet of things
Application of IoT in FMCG
Cost savings
Time spent for routine work reduces substantially, as well as costs reduces through transparent control
Improved efficiency
Increasing efficiency in production, sales and logistics through rapid response to change
Reliable data
Receiving on-line reliable data, such as the movement of goods, temperature, etc.
Minimize failures
Excluding production and transportation failures by controlling all required parameters
  • Control of temperature conditions and other air parameters in industrial premises, including poultry farms, farms, etc.
  • Control of technological production processes, operation of expensive equipment, waste disposal
  • Temperature control in reefer units
  • Ensuring cargo security and full control of the supply chain, including the "last mile"
  • Optimization of logistics and control of deviations (deviations from the route, oil unloading, dangerous driving)
What tasks does IoT solve?
  • Control of temperature conditions and availability of products in refrigeration equipment in sales points
  • Control of movements and condition of returnable containers and promotional equipment
  • Timely planning of deliveries based on data received from sensors. For example, with the help of monitoring the availability of products in beer kegs
and Sales
Examples of solutions with
the implementation of IoT in FMCG
Equipping KEG with sensors in the brewing industry
The goal is to control the movement and availability of products in sales points, control the dynamics of product sales
Sensors for refrigeration and reefer equipment

Sensor equipping
of production premises
Sensors for tank
trucks and trucks
The goal is to monitor critical parameters for the safety and quality of transport
of perishable and frozen products
The goal is to monitor critical parameters to avoid breakdown of equipment, as well as compliance with production technology
The goal is to monitor logistics efficiency, minimize the human factor and ensure the safety of valuable cargo
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Artificial Intelligence technology is actively developing and increasingly finds its application in the FMCG industry. Artificial intelligence allows you to pass on the need for people to perform monotonous tasks to the system. And one of the most valuable applications is that AI helps with data analysis and calculation of qualitative forecasts, which can be complex when performed by people, if they are performed not accurate.

Our team has experience in creating digital systems using artificial intelligence, and, as real practice shows, the implementation of such solutions brings a number of significant effects:
artificial intelligence
AI application in FMCG
Cost savings
Time reduction and therefore money costs by solving time-consuming tasks with AI resources
High precision
Possibility of comprehensive analysis of a large amount of data based on AI provides the highest accuracy of forecasts
Predictive analytics
AI algorithms allow you to track even the smallest changes and predict their impact
Minimizing errors
AI allows you to completely eliminate the "human factor" when working with complex calculations and large data sets
  • Forecasting sales figures with high accuracy based on historical data analysis, adjusting forecasts based on incoming data
  • Controlling the layout, compliance with the planogram, share of the shelf and promo without the participation of field employees using video analytics from networks
  • Image Recognition Shelf Audit
  • Promo forecasting based on historical data analysis, correction of forecasts based on accumulated new data
  • Monitoring the availability and design of promos, as well as prices and the share of competitors using analytics coming from video cameras from networks
  • Analyzing customers’ behavior, preferences, decision factors
What tasks does AI solve?
  • Forecasting of raw material consumption based on demand analysis
  • Forecasting of production volumes and load during the promo period based on the analysis of accumulated data
Examples of solutions with the implementation of AI in FMCG
Introduction of Image Recognition technology into the work of field trading teams

The goal is to automate the merchandising audit of the shelf share, layout, price tags, facing and compliance with the planogram
Analysis and forecasting
of sales data using Artificial Intelligence
Analysis of customer demand and behavior, forecasting
of raw materials consumption
Video analytics integrated with the video surveillance system in the chains
The goal is reasonable planning
of sales and production volumes
in the short and long term
The goal is to forecast consumer behavior, future demand and seasonality for timely purchase of raw materials and production loading
The goal is to control the shelf in the chains online for compliance with merchandising standards, monitoring promo, prices and availability of goods on the shelf
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