We are dititalizing our clients' business by opening doors
to new development opportunities
We develop backend solutions on microservices architecture and frontend solutions (PWA, SPA, SSR) on the tech stack .Net Core, Angular, Vue, Kotlin, C#
Guarantee to stay within the budget and observe the launch dates
Since 2012 we have been creating web services, mobile apps and high-load corporate systems. We have implemented more than 200 projects. We have automated the processes of manufacturing corporations, online shops, distributors and service providers.

Each project has led to higher productivity, helped to reduce costs and create new opportunities to boost profitability of our clients' businesses.
Development with GROTEM
Successfully completed projects
Experience in developing enterprise solutions
Average productivity gain through implementation of our projects
Versions of web development adapted to fit your business needs
Web applications as part
of the digital services ecosystem
Example - a distributor panel
as part of an integrated sales and distribution management system
В2B and B2C portals for launch of e-Commerce sales channel
Web applications tailored to local tasks of your business
Low/no-code applications for quick launch and testing
of hypotheses
Example - a global B2B/B2C portal
for scaling up e-Commece to several countries of operation
Example - a corporate portal for internal interaction and handling of all administrative and economic operations of the company
Example - a web service for marketing when dealing with the customer database, formation of segments and touch chains
  • B2B and В2С e-commerce portals to build an efficient chain of distribution and interaction with a customer group. Loyalty, personalization and pricing programs
  • Web services to build an efficient and transparent cooperation with partners and distributors: distributor panels, personal accounts, etc.
Sales and marketing
  • Web platforms for provision of customer services and improvement of interaction: personal accounts, knowledge bases, EdTech/E-Learning
  • Services for building efficient logistics workflows - from supervisory control of secondary logistics to tracking blockchain-based deliveries
Customer service, logistics
Tasks accomplished with our apps
  • Corporate portals for optimization of business workflows and interaction between employees inside the company
  • Platforms for automation of administrative and economic activities, procurement portals, etc.
Internal workflows
Do you have similar tasks?
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dates to meet your business objectives
Conducting the interview
Defining the functions and objectives of the project
Creating a list of tasks
Preparing an opinion in MindMap
Step 1 - Survey
Building a RoadMap, with due regard to customer's priorities
Generating a Backlog
Creating a project team
Drawing up a budget and defining project deadlines
Step 2 - Project planning
Kick-off meting (getting to know the team)
Creating UI-kits and project layouts, wireframe
Mutual agreement on user story and high-level architecture
Generating a database diagram, description of API for integration
Step 3 - Sprint Zero
Sprint iterations (we define objectives and tasks for every sprint)
Upon completion of every sprint, you obtain a specific, measurable value
Step 4 - Development
Deployment of beta testing stand by the customer or product presentation
Putting the solution into production
Step 5 - Product launch
Application development stages
Support and further project development under a separate agreement: Call center / Expert-consulting / Customization
Step 6 - Project support
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