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GROTEM / Service
Field-service management Software+ Mobile App
Designed to increase productivity
Take control & satisfy your clients!
Industries and services
GROTEM / Service provides businesses with powerful management and control tools, which help you grow faster
Equipment repair
Home services
Inspections & audit
IT outstaffing
Effective Services
to empower your workforce
Speed up scheduling
Streamline work processes
Enhance customer service
Growth profits
Activity scheduling
GROTEM / Service can speed up scheduling up to 50%

  • Reduction of order management workload
  • Real-time tracking of order execution statu
  • Quick and easy order scheduling based on mobile staff and customer's GPS data.

Streamline work processes
And monitor field service team activities
  • Auto tracking of time and order execution quality.
  • Employee's KPI and profitability
  • Simplify office-field communication with push notifications
Better customer experience
27% decrease of customer complaints
  • Client profile and contact details
  • Make before & after pictures
  • Quality control based on consolidated reports
Growth of profits
With GROTEM / Service you can get extra profit
  • Generate revenue by making upsales or notifying about problems
  • Improve staff productivity and increase order quantity by 1.5 times
  • Reduce overheads or administration costs of paper-based field service management and data entry
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Mobile opportunities
GROTEM / Service mobile app provides your staff with all the tools they need
for effective performance in the field

New order push-notification
Service parts management
Capture photos
Demand for new service tasks / upsales
Benefits for business
Our customers share their experience
Increase productivity
Streamline all your processes: scheduling, connection, execution. Become more effective
Get all-done on time
Forget about after-hours analytics & wasting time on collecting paper field reports. All the data you need is already here
Satisfy your clients
Improve customer service with our app and enhance their loyalty